Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some of our favorite bridesmaid dresses!

Earlier this year, we did a post on our favorite wedding dresses. Now, it's time for some more color and styles, with our favorite bridesmaid dresses! Bridesmaids nowadays can wear the same exact style dress, wear the same color and fabric with different styles, wear similar shades of one color in the same dress, wear similar shades of one color in different dresses and materials, or just wear whatever they want. There are no set rules to how bridesmaids should dress, but no matter what, we are sure that all brides want their bridesmaids to look beautiful!

Bridesmaid dress shopping can be really fun and exciting for everyone involved. Hopefully some of these photos will give you some inspiration! Here are some of our favorites!

Fiona's favorites:

Melissa Sweet - Style MS215
Short and sweet. The empire waist makes it easy to wear (no sucking in your stomach needed!) and the pockets and the bow at the back of the dress couldn't be cuter!
Photo from Priscilla of Boston

Jenny Yoo - Sasha Long
The sweetheart neckline and the charmeuse waistband is unique. The chiffon fabric makes this dress a great option for a soft, romantic wedding.
Photo from Jenny Yoo

Anna Elyse - Clarissa with Tucked Tank
Are you a bride who prefers to have your bridesmaid choose their own dresses according to their bodies and style? The cool thing about this designer is that each bridesmaid can choose the style she likes within a collection (for example, this one is part of the "Clarissa" collection) and have them all still seem like they match!
Photo from Anna Elyse

Watters - Style 4538
This dress is perfect for a formal and dramatic wedding. The draped bodice and the dropped-waist full skirt make this an elegant choice.
Photo from Watters

Ann Taylor - Lydia Empire Waist Dress
Cute and summery, this dress is a comfortable and beautiful choice for a beach wedding. Look to retailers like Ann Taylor and J. Crew for more affordable bridesmaids dresses. An added bonus is that dresses from these stores often go on sale!
Photo from Ann Taylor

Emilie's favorites:

Amsale - Style G461C
This one shoulder ruffled silk chiffon gown is delicate, romantic, and bold all at the same time. The shoulder piece is an accessory on its own, and this dress would work extremely well for a formal wedding.
Photo from Bloomingdales

Alvina Valenta - Style AV9935
This short dress made of tissue taffeta is simple, yet elegant due to the structured detail of the scoop neckline. This type of style and material would be flattering on most body types and would be perfect for a summer wedding.
Photo from TheKnot

Escada - Spring 2009 Collection
This beauty has an unbelievable neckline, and a flowing skirt that would be gorgeous for an outdoor wedding in the spring time. Even though there are pockets, the ruffled trim at the bottom of the dress makes an elegant statement.
Photo from FashionBride

Anne Klein - Satin Georgette
This dress is really beautiful, with a crossover shirred bodice, soft skirt, and gold beading on the halter strap. Bridesmaids could dance the night away in this dress, and it could definitely be used after the wedding for another occasion.
Photo from Bloomingdales

Redux Charles Chang-Lima - Floral Halter Top and Cummerbund Skirt
Imagine this: A bride in a gorgeous white gown, bridesmaids in long black formal dresses, and the maid of honor in this black and white stunning number from Redux Charles Chang-Lima. It's a great way to give the maid of honor a bit of separation from the rest of the bridesmaids, and make her feel fabulous!
Photo by Neiman Marcus

We hope you've enjoyed some of our favorite picks for bridesmaid dresses!


Daffernia said...

Gorgeous designs of those bridesmaid dresses!! I have seen elegant line of bridesmaid dresses at Betsey Johnson...

celicia said...

Hi ladies! My bridesmaids are actually wearing the Melissa Sweet MS215 in Cassis :) Good pick Fiona!

Shirley said...

What an awesome selection of beautiful bridesmaid dresses.!! Lydia empire waist dress from Ann Taylor is my favorite. Its sooo cute and summery, would be great for a summer wedding.

Jillianne said...

Hi! Not sure if you'll see this---but Celicia---I actually am getting married this summer, and I have the same bridesmaid dresses as you---if you don't mind my asking--what sorts of flowers are you going with?

celicia said...

Hi Jilliane!

I absolutely know what you mean...I had great difficulty trying to find the right color and texture of flowers that wouldn't compete with the bright fuschia and modernity of the dress but instead complement it. After much hesitation, I went with dark pink fuschia roses, light pink roses, fuschia calla lilies, pink ranunculus, and purple pom poms/ thistle with white centers (i think that's what it's called!)- instead of being busy, the range of the pinks and purples were a great complement. My bouquet had some ivory roses to balance some of the color, but I was incredibly happy with the turnout - the colors popped in all of the photos. If you want me to send you some pictures, just let me know! good luck :)