Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday cards designed for you!

With the holidays upon us, many of us send out cards, or buy those boxed sets to give out to family and friends. Each year for me, I actually only need three cards to give out for a small holiday brunch with my closest girlfriends. One year, I had bought a boxed set of 14 cards (the smallest number I could find at the time), and I still have 11 cards sitting in the box. Also, you can't re-use holiday cards for the next year to the same people unless you want the "hey, wasn't this the same card you gave me last year?", so those 11 cards will probably just sit there forever.

My solution this year, was to create a holiday card for each of the girls, personalized with their names. I created a simple snowflake design, with a happy holidays greeting underneath. I also embellished each of the snowflakes with a touch of glitter for some sparkle and texture.

If you are interested in creating personalized holiday cards for your friends and family, just email me at!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The most gorgeous fruit tart... and envelope liners

One of my passions in life is... well, I want to say paper, and design, and everything stationery, but for this post: I absolutely love fruit tarts. If you give me all of the desserts in the world, I would pick a fruit tart. The fruit tart from Finale is amazing: Fresh fruits with almond frangipane and vanilla Bavarian cream in a sugar dough shell. Yumm!! The reason I'm talking about fruit tarts, is that when I was working on envelope liners for a client's wedding invitations, this dessert was my little break.

Now to those envelope liners (that you can see behind the fruit tart!). These are so popular nowadays, and give any envelope a little extra kick. Wedding invitations that have a unique and beautiful envelope liner really stand out. For this particular client, she really wanted to use something with red and gold, and I found some gorgeous paper at Paper Source! The paper is called Lokta Baroque Flower Bordeaux, and it's actually handmade from a Lokta plant in Nepal. I spent many hours hand cutting these liners, but the end result was stunning. The gold print on the lokta paper just shines in the light.

You can really see the detail of the paper in the last photo. Not only the vibrant colors, but the texture as well! If you have ideas for a fabulous envelope liner, let me know and I will try and find you the perfect paper.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Personalized wedding cards - Cathy and Pedro

For almost all wedding guests, the one thing that they all will do is bring a wedding card. I used to always scour the aisles of my local card store to search for the perfect wedding card, and after reading about 30 different cards, I would usually just settle on a card that says some sort of generic "congratulations" phrase. For $2.99 - $5.99 each time I do this, I never feel like it's really worth the money because it could always be better. So each time a wedding came around the corner, I'd find myself back in that same aisle, reading wedding cards, and just saying... "ehh".

But, what if you actually go through the aisle and find a cute card? The problem is that sometimes, another wedding guest going to the same wedding would also see that same cute card, so the newlyweds get duplicates of the cute card, which doesn't make it that cute anymore. Trust me, this happens.. for my own wedding, I received duplicates of multiple cards!

The solution: personalized wedding cards! For the past three weddings that I've been to, I've designed cards to give to the newlyweds. It would either contain something that is special to them, or have a wedding related element like a hand drawn wedding cake. For Cathy and Pedro's wedding card, I knew that they liked turtles, so I designed cute a pair of "love" turtles with their names attached, and added some texture by hand glittering sections of both of the turtles.

How cute is this card?? I immediately got a response from Cathy after she received the card saying that she loved it.

If you would like to personalize a wedding card for your friends, just email me at! I'll be posting some more cards that I've designed at a later date.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The perfect groomsmen gifts: custom shirts!

Many couples tend to leave the men’s wedding attire decision to the last minute, most often because the most popular option is renting and typically the clothing choices are not that interesting anyway. Usually, the groomsmen (especially those from out of town) are sent on their own to get measured, which can be a little daunting to some. We’ve all heard of the case where a groomsman ends up with an ill-fitting shirt that he has to scramble to replace at the last minute! We have recently come across an option that may intrigue a lot of grooms and their friends. It’s a custom made shirt! 9tailors lets their customers create their own dress shirts, from picking out the shape of the collar, pockets, and cuffs, to selecting one of 35 materials that is just right for you. Your creation is made right on their website and your special order will be ready in 2-6 weeks. Their website even has a video tutorial on how you can take perfect measurements. If you are still unsure and you live in the Boston area, a representative can meet with you to take your measurements and give you style advice. 9tailors also offers monogramming, so you can personalize these shirts as fabulous gifts to the groomsmen, or perhaps a future father-in-law!

The best part of all is that these custom shirts start at only $60! In addition, all Pink Orchid Weddings clients can receive 10% off your first purchase with 9tailors. To redeem your discount, just mention that you were referred by Pink Orchid Weddings.

Visit for more details!