Thursday, March 12, 2009

A custom birdcage design for a wedding!

A few weeks ago, I worked on a custom birdcage design for Michelle, a bride getting married in Colorado this July. She definitely knew exactly what she wanted, but just needed someone to put it all together. It involved detailed scrollwork, two birds hanging on a stand, with a monogram of initials and a wedding date that looked like it was part of the cage. I had a lot of fun designing all of the elements, including the birds that formed a subtle heart shape when placed side by side.

Michelle is going to use this design in her wedding stationery items like program, menus, etc. If you are looking for a custom design, email me at!


Monday, March 9, 2009

The Tangled Web – Stunning Floral Designs

The extremely talented, Jennifer Cahill, is the woman behind The Tangled Web, and she is amazing! She was the florist for both of our weddings, and we cannot stop recommending her fanstastic work to all of our clients and friends. From the bouquets to the centerpieces, all of the flowers were just stunning!

The Tangled Web is modern, elegant, and fresh. Jen will work with you from the very beginning to create a style that is unique and beautiful for your wedding. Not only will she give you the highest level of personal attention and service, she specializes in designing with flowers that are certified to be grown organically or by socially and environmentally responsible methods. So, for any couples planning a "green" and eco-friendly wedding, there are many options available for you with The Tangled Web.

Jen also provides complimentary consultations, so definitely check her calendar on her website (she books up quickly!) to see if your wedding date is available, and contact her!

Below are some photos of her beautiful work from past weddings.

All photos from The Tangled Web, except for the yellow ceremony decor and bouquet photos. Those photos are from BKB Photography.

I think these flowers are just so gorgeous and modern. The Tangled Web is really a hidden gem for wedding flowers.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

A color-coordinated and delicious candy buffet!

Like Emilie, I decided to have edible favors for our reception since those are what I personally love receiving at weddings. My ideas ranged from homemade cookies, to chocolate mice, to cupcakes. During my research, I kept coming upon beautiful pictures of candies in different glass jars. The candy buffet was a trend I definitely wanted to jump on – my now-husband and I love candy!

There was almost too much candy to choose from, but since I wanted the spread to match our wedding colors, the field of choices narrowed down a bit. I wanted white, pink, and burgundy (ok, red will do too) candies. After some price comparison, I ordered bulk candy from online supplier metrocandy and estimated 1/3 pound per person. The choices included: white Jordan almonds, sour watermelon belts, raspberry fruit slices, pink rock candy, red and pink jelly beans, malt balls (with a white candy coating), and sour cherries. I bought vases of all different sizes from the local arts and crafts store, Michaels. My friend who works in the restaurant business bought small silver candy scoops from a wholesale supplier for me.

Here's one scoop in action:

How were the guests going to take the candy home? I toyed with the idea of Chinese takeout boxes, but they weren't quite the look as I was looking for. One day, I was browsing a food packaging website, nashvillewraps, and found small frosted tin tie bags. They were the perfect size and less bulky than the takeout boxes. I quickly ordered these, plus customized labels from myweddinglabels to put on the bags. Emilie also whipped up some labels to put on the candy jars to complete the look.

See how cute the bags are:

We found out after the reception that a lot of our guests have not seen a candy buffet before and were very happy to see the display at the reception. It was fun to see which candy was the most popular (watermelon belts were gone by the time I got a chance to check the spread out!). The hotel packed up the leftover candies for us at the end of the night. My husband took everything to work with him when we came back from our honeymoon two weeks later, along with the extra customized candy bags. This mini-candy buffet was a huge hit at his workplace and it was a great way to make sure nothing got wasted!

Here are pictures of the candy buffet at our wedding reception:

All pictures courtesy of Sun Photographics.

If you want help with creating your own candy buffet, please contact us at! We would love to help you out!