Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Simple Moss Ring Box

When thinking of ring pillows, usually you think of white satin or lace, with a little bow on top. Because of no white flowers, no white candles, and no white aisle runners at my wedding, I automatically wasn't thinking of a white ring pillow. I wanted something to go along with the branches and moss elements of the wedding, but didn't want my nephew (the ring bearer) to carry rings on a stick either.

I was walking through the aisles of Michaels when I came across their premade wooden boxes. They have all shapes and sizes, and I found this little wooden box that would fit in both of my nephew's 5 year old hands perfectly... all for only $1.99. Along with some moss, super glue, chocolate satin ribbon, cardstock, a hole puncher, and tape, a ring box was created.

Here was the start to the ring box, with ribbon tied to a piece of punched cardstock that is glued to the bottom of the box. Then moss is gradually added that is held together by some super glue.

In the end, here is a photo of the finished product in the ring bearer's hands, taken by the talented, BKB Photography.

If you would like help with some creating projects for your own wedding, please contact me at info@pinkorchiddesigns.com!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Elizabeth's Invitations, Cards, and Favors!

Fiona and I are two of the bridesmaids for our friend Elizabeth, who is getting married next weekend at the Westin! She had a whirlwind and fairy tale type of romance with her fiance, Peter, dating for only 6 months before the proposal, and then getting married within a year. I guess what people say is true, when you know, you just know! I had the privilege of designing some of the paper products for her bridal shower and bachelorette party. Below are some of the invitations, cards, and favors from her pre-wedding events.

The bachelorette party invitations had a fun and curly font, with a martini glass to give it some color, rounded corners, and a hand glittered sugar rim. I love it when you can feel some texture on paper. There were two different versions of the bachelorette party invitation, one for the guests, and one for the bride-to-be! We wanted to keep the night's festivities as a surprise, so you'll notice that all of the locations on Elizabeth's invitation are very vague, like "somewhere in Massachusetts", and "dinner at yummy restaurant".

This is a personalized card that I made for Elizabeth. It's a bridal shower of flowers! I outlined the umbrella in some glitter to again give the card some texture and shimmer.

The bridal shower favors were heart shaped luggage tags. Before, they were packaged in a clear plastic heart box, with the insert showing a small form like Name, Address, etc. By request of the bride to make it look a little more lively, I removed the plastic heart box, tied a pink ribbon diagonally through the velvet black packaging, and created a new insert for the luggage tag. Elizabeth liked the quote "love is in the air", so I added that on the top, along with a little airplane icon. I also added the names of the bride and groom, and the bridal shower date with some flourishes.

Before picture:

and after!!

It was a lot of fun to work on all of these paper products. If you need custom invitations or a personalized card made, just email me at info@pinkorchiddesigns.com