Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beauty Advice

After my own wedding last September, I am lucky to have become friends with my makeup artist, who has done my makeup for many other occasions ever since then. Elaine is just absolutely fabulous! I thought it would be fun to ask her a few beauty-related questions.

Q: Are there any recent beauty trends you have spotted that would be appropriate for a bride?
A: Instead of being perfectly coiffed and having every line and curve on the face be perfect, try intentionally effortless hair and softly accentuating the features of your cheekbones and lips. Twenty years later when you pick up your wedding album to reminisce, I guaranteed you will not, as some would no doubt do, cringe at their dated and overly made-up pictures.

Q: Is there anything a bride should do (beauty-wise) to prepare for the big day?
A: So, you’ve got the dress, the hair, and make up and you’re breathing a sigh of relief. Do a once over, turn around and see what’s missing. Yes, your derrière is in shape but how about your back? A lot of brides forget that unless they’re going to cover up those blemishes with makeup that could come off onto the groom’s tux when they lean in for that romantic close-up, they should always have a full body exfoliation. And then don’t forget to deep moisturize! Some should really be thinking more in depth about exfoliation a few months in advance and then do the upkeep at home for less money with sea salt and olive oil for that all over glow (caution: have non slip mats and make sure you clean out your tub afterwards...you don’t want a cast at your wedding). Take your vitamins with Omega 3, 6 and 9 so you’ll have that glow from within, along with minimized pores and softer skin.

Q: What's the difference between makeup for a daytime event versus a nighttime reception?
A: If it’s a daytime event, try to go for a less dramatic look that puts the emphasis on looking youthful and awake. For an evening event, go for that sultry, mysterious look by emphasizing on two things only, eyes and cheeks or eyes and lips. Of course most wedding celebration are from day to night, so try a few things with your makeup artist. Examples include adding a dramatic color for eyeliner that you can do yourself during cocktail hour and deepening the lipstick color with a different gloss on top. Think about things you can do to change a look in 15 minutes with or without a makeup artist.

Q: What are the key makeup items that are essential if you want to be camera-ready?
A: Have a bridesmaid carry a wristlet that contains lip stain, lip liner, lipstick, CHAPSTICK, mini blush brush, q-tips, small compact, blush and squares of paper towel. Add a few bobby pins, safety pins, double-sided tape, and eye drops for contact wearers or those with dry eyes to prevent redness.

Q: Have there been any odd requests from brides? Anything you're not willing to do?
A: I personally do not like to alter eyebrows especially on the day of the wedding; I’ve had too many requests regarding shaping the brows. These should have been done at least a month or even two before the wedding, because if you don’t think the shape is right, you still have time to grow it out and fill them in. Just like a haircut, the brows need at least three days time before it looks a little more natural. Try threading if you’re squeamish about waxing!

Here is Elaine hard at work the morning of my wedding (photo by Sun Photographics, edited by Pink Orchid Weddings):

Hope this was helpful! If you’re looking for a makeup artist in the Boston area, definitely contact Elaine at makeupbyelaine@gmail.com.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Photos from Sarah and Eric's Wedding by Jaco le Roux

Back in September, we posted a few pictures from the wedding that we coordinated in Maudslay State Park. We finally have the professional pictures from the incredibly talented Jaco le Roux, and they are absolutely amazing. Also, it doesn't hurt that Sarah and Eric look like models in all of their photos. We really enjoyed the day, and here are a few of the wedding details:

All photos by Jaco le Roux.

Don't you just love the "yay" flags and all of the b&w shots? Sarah and Eric, thank you so much for letting Pink Orchid Weddings be part of your special day!


Friday, November 14, 2008

A short and sweet ceremony program

When most people think of wedding ceremony programs, most of the time, you think of a little booklet: words to different songs, a passage of a couple's favorite book, or reading #1 and #2. In longer ceremonies, I think it's great to be able to follow along and figure out what comes next. For me, I always cannot wait until the vows, the "i dos", and the kiss!

My ceremony was about 15-20 minutes long in total, and was officiated by my brother. After I walked down the aisle with my father, my brother struggled through tears at the very beginning of the ceremony, but finally was able to speak after some deep breaths. Now, who would want their guests reading their program through moments like these? I certainly didn't =)

I knew that since it was such a short ceremony, I wanted to put just the bare minimum in my program. It consisted of our names, our wedding party, thank yous, and these seven lines: prelude, procession & entrance of the bride, gathering words, reading, ceremony, pronouncement of marriage, recessional. Since I liked programs that opened like a book, I designed mine to be a book with no pages inside.

It was one bronze metallic cardstock sheet, with two pearl white metallic cardstock pages on the inner section, with a hand glittered cover tag to give it that texture that I love, and a perfect fucshia satin bow. I made enough so every other seat had a program.

The following picture shows the programs laid out on every other chair for the ceremony, taken by Brittany of BKB Photography.

For help with designing your own programs or other wedding stationery, please contact me!