Friday, November 14, 2008

A short and sweet ceremony program

When most people think of wedding ceremony programs, most of the time, you think of a little booklet: words to different songs, a passage of a couple's favorite book, or reading #1 and #2. In longer ceremonies, I think it's great to be able to follow along and figure out what comes next. For me, I always cannot wait until the vows, the "i dos", and the kiss!

My ceremony was about 15-20 minutes long in total, and was officiated by my brother. After I walked down the aisle with my father, my brother struggled through tears at the very beginning of the ceremony, but finally was able to speak after some deep breaths. Now, who would want their guests reading their program through moments like these? I certainly didn't =)

I knew that since it was such a short ceremony, I wanted to put just the bare minimum in my program. It consisted of our names, our wedding party, thank yous, and these seven lines: prelude, procession & entrance of the bride, gathering words, reading, ceremony, pronouncement of marriage, recessional. Since I liked programs that opened like a book, I designed mine to be a book with no pages inside.

It was one bronze metallic cardstock sheet, with two pearl white metallic cardstock pages on the inner section, with a hand glittered cover tag to give it that texture that I love, and a perfect fucshia satin bow. I made enough so every other seat had a program.

The following picture shows the programs laid out on every other chair for the ceremony, taken by Brittany of BKB Photography.

For help with designing your own programs or other wedding stationery, please contact me!


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