Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday cards designed for you!

With the holidays upon us, many of us send out cards, or buy those boxed sets to give out to family and friends. Each year for me, I actually only need three cards to give out for a small holiday brunch with my closest girlfriends. One year, I had bought a boxed set of 14 cards (the smallest number I could find at the time), and I still have 11 cards sitting in the box. Also, you can't re-use holiday cards for the next year to the same people unless you want the "hey, wasn't this the same card you gave me last year?", so those 11 cards will probably just sit there forever.

My solution this year, was to create a holiday card for each of the girls, personalized with their names. I created a simple snowflake design, with a happy holidays greeting underneath. I also embellished each of the snowflakes with a touch of glitter for some sparkle and texture.

If you are interested in creating personalized holiday cards for your friends and family, just email me at!


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