Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The most gorgeous fruit tart... and envelope liners

One of my passions in life is... well, I want to say paper, and design, and everything stationery, but for this post: I absolutely love fruit tarts. If you give me all of the desserts in the world, I would pick a fruit tart. The fruit tart from Finale is amazing: Fresh fruits with almond frangipane and vanilla Bavarian cream in a sugar dough shell. Yumm!! The reason I'm talking about fruit tarts, is that when I was working on envelope liners for a client's wedding invitations, this dessert was my little break.

Now to those envelope liners (that you can see behind the fruit tart!). These are so popular nowadays, and give any envelope a little extra kick. Wedding invitations that have a unique and beautiful envelope liner really stand out. For this particular client, she really wanted to use something with red and gold, and I found some gorgeous paper at Paper Source! The paper is called Lokta Baroque Flower Bordeaux, and it's actually handmade from a Lokta plant in Nepal. I spent many hours hand cutting these liners, but the end result was stunning. The gold print on the lokta paper just shines in the light.

You can really see the detail of the paper in the last photo. Not only the vibrant colors, but the texture as well! If you have ideas for a fabulous envelope liner, let me know and I will try and find you the perfect paper.


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