Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Local Area Maps for Out of Town Guests

When wedding guests come in from out of town, it's common for brides give each guest a bag of goodies, like water bottles, snacks, and a list of city attractions. One thing that I think is really great to include in these bags is a local area map. I'm not referring to just a free city map that you can pick up at a local tourist counter, but a list of restaurants and stores right around the hotel where the guests are staying.

If guests are traveling to an unfamiliar city, they may think that there's nothing around the area if they can't see anything directly next to the hotel. They may end up just eating in the hotel instead of venturing out because they don't even know if they would find anything. With a local area map, they know exactly how far and where they need to travel to go to the pharmacy, pick up a bagel, or grab some lunch.

Since it's hard to find maps with all of the stores and restaurants laid out, most of these maps have to be custom designed. This process definitely starts with walking around the area where your guests will be staying, and marking down all of the stores and restaurants that you think would be of interest to your guests.

The following map is one I designed for guests staying at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Brookline, Massachusetts. The hotel is located in an area of Brookline called Coolidge Corner, and there are definitely a lot of stores and restaurants all within a few blocks.

This was one of the cards included in a set for the Out-of-Town bags. The other cards included a welcome letter, a schedule of events, and directions to and from the rehearsal dinner and wedding. This local area map was printed on pearlescent white metallic cardstock, with stores in blue, and restaurants in red.

If you are interested in a custom local area map for your wedding guests, please email me at



Anonymous said...

Love this post =) I just became a recent fan of you guys, and I know that area well, the map looks really great!

LC said...

What a great little personalized convenient tool! It’s always good to know where the nearest Dunkins and ATM is! =)