Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our orchid wedding cake: one year later

Some wedding traditions you do, some you don't, and some, you just hope won't kill you. My one year wedding anniversary was at the end of June, and that afternoon, the cake that had been carefully wrapped with layers upon layers of plastic wrap in an airtight container, which was also sealed with more layers of plastic wrap, popped into my mind and I yelled "we get to eat our wedding cake today!!" to my husband. He didn't seem too excited to eat cake that was literally one year old, and after I thought about it some more, I too was skeptical about what it would taste like.

I'm the type who always checks expiration dates on food, and won't eat things that are expired for a day. So, the fact that I was willing to eat our wedding cake one year later, it's surprising. Oh, the things I'll do for wedding traditions!

After a romantic dinner at Pomodoro in Boston's North End, we walked home and it was officially cake time. I started thinking back to what our gorgeous cake looked like one year ago, and thought about our reception, and how delicious our Strawberry Grand Marnier Cake was on the night of our wedding.

cake photos by BKB Photography, reception photo by Ash Hsie

Then, we finally unwrapped it, and this is what it looked like. I didn't see mold or anything out of the ordinary, so I cut off the edges (just in case!), we both took a fork, did a little fork toast, and we ate one year old cake.

Well, more like one small bite of one year old cake. We tasted cake. We tasted strawberries. We tasted a hint of Grand Marnier. But, one bite of really old cake was enough for us... and the rest of the cake went into the trash. Was it worth it to keep the cake and lose one fifth of our freezer space for an entire year? Of course! After all, what are traditions for?



second law of thermodynamics said...

Hey! I just happened by your site while browsing friends' fan pages... love your work! I'm a wedding photog and I'm always extremely inspired by all the beautiful paper that goes into a wedding. Keep it up, I'm a fan =)

LC said...

Yum! The cake still looks good! They say that's what traditions are for! So if traditions follow, does that mean there's a Chang Jr. on its way? =)

Nina said...

This story was so cute! I love the site by the way :) Awesome job, very impressive!