Monday, July 27, 2009

The packaging process for invitations

Packaging is always an important element of sending out an order of invitations or cards. It is just like receiving a present for the holidays or your birthday! If you receive a present unwrapped, it may be great, but if you receive that same present wrapped in some beautiful paper or a fancy bow, that will probably make it even better.

I like to hold all of the invitation pieces together with double-faced satin ribbon tied in a bow. Usually the ribbon used is a shade of pink (hot pink or light pink), and it is hand-tied around small stacks of 100 cards or less. Then, each stack is wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap, and then placed into a shipping box padded with recycled packing peanuts, with a personalized card to the recipient on top.

I just love pretty pink bows and I think it's a great first impression to give before viewing the finished product. I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the packaging process!


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Anonymous said...

I. love. pink. ribbons =)