Monday, July 13, 2009

An Interactive Polaroid Photo Guest Book

When it came to guest books, I wanted something more than just a bunch of names on a book or an engagement portrait. My main reason was that sometimes it was hard to make out the names when people use their signatures and I really wanted to remember all the guests who attended my reception!

I came across instant Adesso Wedding Photo Guest Books and thought it was a great idea to incorporate Polaroids into the guest book. That way, my husband and I would definitely remember everyone! It would also be something different for my guests to do at the reception.

I looked at the Adesso album and although it was nice that each page had slots for the Polaroids, I thought it was a bit plain to have just huge blank pages for the guests to fill. So, I decided to personalize the idea and went with creating my own guest book. I bought a nice big 3-ring photo album and took out the existing pages. My husband created a simple page with our names, wedding date, reception location on it, along with a space for the picture. It also had topics such as “special wishes for the newlyweds” and “favorite memory of the bride and/or groom” for guests to fill out. Emilie helped me print the pages on heavier weight paper so that it would hold a Polaroid picture with no issues. She also made a small “Wedding Guest Book” sign for me to put at the front of the book.

I asked some good friends including Emilie to help me with the guest book at the reception and they helped everyone take their pictures, and also used double-sided tape to mount each picture onto the pages. I allotted about one Polaroid per couple (with 2 packs extra), thinking that most guests would want to take pictures with their significant others and friends. Sure enough, we had extras at the end of the night. We used one camera for our 150 guests and it worked out fine. I was so grateful for my helpers – I believe they got almost everyone to sign the guest book! They even added a picture of my husband and me at the end of the night to the back of the book.

It was so much fun for my husband and me to look over the guest book after the wedding. Some people did hilarious poses and wrote such witty things on their pages! It was also entertaining for our friends to see the book and look back at what they and everyone else wrote. This polaroid photo guest book is definitely a great way to remember the people you love!



Me said...

i really like your polariod guestbook idea. it's easier to remember your guests that came. I might use that in my wedding one day.

LC said...

What a neat idea! It's a guestbook-scrapbook! I always love associating pictures with things! Pictures are worth a thousand words! Very creative =)

Jeshjohnz said...

I gave the Adesso Album to my Grandparents for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They told me it was by far their favorite gift. The book was elegant and unique. I would recommend Adesso Albums very highly!!

Jen Ing Photography said...

i LOVE this! will add it to my list of diy project ideas. :)