Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cherry Blossom Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Peter and Jennifer to create invitations for their spring wedding at The Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The cherry blossom branch invitation was a pocketfold style, which is a great way for guests to keep all of the invitation components together. I designed the brown metallic pocketfold so that the branches from the main invitation, rsvp card, and directions card all look like they are coming out of the same area of the pocketfold. It is as if the branches are part of one tree, because the color of the branches match the color of the pocketfold.

All of the invitation cards are made of pearlescent white metallic cardstock, and the main invitation is wrapped with two pieces of double-faced brown satin ribbon. The envelopes were also made of pearlescent white metallic paper, and custom stamps with the cherry blossom design were created for both envelopes to match the rest of the invitation. For the directions and accommodations card, a custom map of Cambridge was created to show some key streets in the Harvard Square area, along with the wedding venue and closest T stop.

The other major element of this invitation are all of the hand-glittered cherry blossom flowers. There were definitely a lot of them, and here is a little statistic for this invitation project:

# of cherry blossom flowers on front cover: 6
# of cherry blossom flowers on the main invitation: 18
# of cherry blossom flowers on the directions card: 9
# of cherry blossom flowers on the RSVP card: 9
Total # of flowers per invitation: 42
Total # of invitations created: 160

do some multiplication and ...
Total # of hand-glittered cherry blossom flowers: 6,720

If you are interested in these invitations for your upcoming wedding or event, please contact me at!



Moni said...

I love the delicate blossoms and the detail work you put into making these invites while still keeping the design simple yet sophisticated.

Shang said...

Wow, the amount of work you put into these is amazing!

Christl said...

SOOOOO PRETTY!!! Your details are insane and enjoy reading your blog! Keep up the amazing work!

Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations said...

Very pretty invitation! I wish to have one like these for my future wedding, which I don't know the date yet. Good job!