Friday, October 23, 2009

Unique lettering for envelopes and more!

Ever since I was young, I have really loved lettering. I started doing traditional calligraphy in the fourth grade, and learned the importance of spacing. I practiced my signature all of the time, and would even get asked by classmates to write their name "as a signature" so they could see what it would look like. I made huge banners in block letters for homecoming and spirit week in high school, and continued to do banners in college at Carnegie Mellon.

More recently, I've been doing lettering on envelopes. Taking the time to write out someone's name in style is a way to give a great first impression. For every card I send out, whether it's a thank you, bithday, or wedding, I always spend a little time to make it extra special. Below are some photos of lettering examples.

Block lettering: clean and modern

Cursive lettering: whimsical and fresh

This lettering is great for envelopes, but would also work well if you're looking for a unique style for tags, place cards, signs, or anything else. My lettering services are available through Pink Orchid Designs. Please email me at for pricing!


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Juliet Douglas said...

I absolutely love the "whimsical and fresh" font! Beautiful.