Thursday, October 15, 2009

Star Wars Birthday Party Invitations

Hudson's Birthday Invitations: Part I

Or should I say Episode I? I recently received a request from Melissa to design her son's 5th birthday party invitations. She told me that Hudson wanted a Star Wars themed party, and other than rule of "wanting them cute", I was free to come up whatever I wanted. Star Wars is pretty different from the normal wedding invitations that I design, so I tried to think of different elements that I could draw out well. Yoda was pretty much out of the question, but I thought some glowing light sabers might do the trick.

Here is the actual sketch that I used to come up with the concept. I drew out different light sabers for Hudson vs. Darth Vader, and also came up with an idea to have a curve of black in the corner of the invitation with stars on both sides. This was to introduce a planet shape effect, and give the illusion that the text and light sabers were actually floating in space.

After working in Adobe Illustrator, I realized that two corners of this planet shape would make the planet look like a football, so I decided to just go with one corner. I found some great Star Wars fonts and made the 5th Birthday Party a Star Wars Episode, starring Hudson of course. The two light sabers were personalized with "H" and "DV" for Hudson and Darth Vader. I also included hand-glittered elements for all of the stars and the light sabers. I also added a few stormtroopers in for fun. This invitation is on pearlescent white metallic cardstock with a onyx black metallic cardstock backing.

So now, why did I name this part I? Well, after Melissa loved this design, and we finalized everything about it, Hudson changed his mind about the Star Wars party, and wanted something else. I told Melissa not to worry, and I would design her a new invitation for the new theme. I decided to make one of these Star Wars invitations for fun anyways so I could share it with you all on the blog, and in my opinion, the actual invitations for part II are even better! Stay tuned to find out what Hudson picked out for his birthday party theme!


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Joanne M.W. said...

wow so cute. i can't wait to see the new invitation!