Friday, October 9, 2009

Cherry Blossom Boxed Wedding Invitations

While the majority of wedding invitations are sent in a traditional envelope, a way to really make a statement to your guests is to have boxed invitations. The box can be sealed with a monogram, a ribbon bow, or even personalized guest tags. It can also hold things like candy, feathers, sea shells, tissue paper, flowers petals, or anything else that you normally wouldn't be able to put into a flat envelope.

This boxed invitation in pink is wrapped in chocolate ribbon and is filled with pink tissue paper. The pearlescent white metallic cardstock invitation includes hand-glittered cherry blossoms with some chocolate ribbon detail in two corners. The bronze metallic cardstock backing matches the response envelope perfectly. The response card includes similar hand-glittered cherry blossom details, with little icons to represent meal choices.

I love receiving boxed invitations because it's like opening up a present. It would also get your guests really excited about attending your upcoming wedding or event! If you're interested in boxed invitations or this cherry blossom invitation design, please contact me at



TheRoddyBride said...

Those are GORGEOUS!

christina lee said...

i love boxed invitations!!! :) they are soo beautiful!!