Friday, March 26, 2010

Gold and Champagne Wedding Invitations

Gold and champagne sound like quite a luxurious combination, don't you think? They are the colors for Joe and Anni's wedding this summer in San Francisco, and also the colors of their invitations. Anni contacted me in early February about my sweet lovebird invitations on the blog, and also sent me some darling engagement pictures to get to know them better. I couldn't help but include one below. They look so in love!

photo by Tran-Dinh Photography

The cards and envelopes were a mix of champagne metallic and gold leaf metallic colors. The response card included little icons for the meal choices of beef, fish, and vegetarian. Also, they wanted to include a quote on the back flap of the main invitation envelope: "All the birds in the world carrying poems in their wing, could never tell the happiness I feel just loving you." I thought it was a great way for guests to read something sweet before even opening the invitation.

If you are interested in these invitations for your upcoming wedding or event, please email me at


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Anni Hispanni said...

Thank you so much for all of your work on our invitations. You really made everything so easy and I was seriously impressed with how quickly you were able to produce our invitations. We absolutely love them and we'll definitely come to you again in the future!

Anni and Joe