Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blues and purples are making a comeback!

It might all be a crazy coincidence, but so many of the projects that I'm working on for this upcoming wedding season are in shades of blue or purple: light blue, sky blue, aqua blue, royal blue, lavender, eggplant... you get the picture. I've done a lot in pinks, browns, and reds towards the end of last season, so maybe it's because these colors are more popular for the spring and summer season? Whatever the reason, I love it! Blues and purples to me are soothing and gorgeous to look at.

Even a batch of custom tags I created for a company's corporate gifts followed the same pattern. The company color happens to be blue!

Ahh, looking at satin ribbon never gets old! It's just so pretty! If you are looking for invitations for your upcoming wedding, contact me at Remember, everything on the blog can be easily changed to match your color theme, and custom designs are included in all invitation pricing.


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