Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lisa Rigby Photography - Fun Summer Shoot!

A few weeks back, I posted a little sneak preview on our blog of our photo session with Lisa Rigby. I'm itching to tell you about our amazing shoot, but first comes the story of how I found out about Lisa. Back in June, I was checking status updates on Facebook, and my engaged friend, Linda, had posted "My photographer is sooo awesome! Can't wait :)" with a link to Lisa's latest wedding post on her blog. A preview photo of a bride with her blusher on intrigued me, and one click later, I was in photo heaven.

Lisa's blog was filled with tons of wedding recaps and engagement sessions, and her style was just something that I haven't really seen in the Boston area before. Detail shots were so rich that I could almost feel the bride's satin shoes. All of the photos displayed so much emotion in the faces of the couples and families. Also, Lisa has a way of capturing sunlight and nature unlike any local photographer that I know of. If you put Lisa's photos in a mix of 1000, I think I'd be able to pick hers out, no problem. Fiona and I are always looking for great vendors to be able to refer to our clients, so I immediately emailed her and we met up for a chat. We decided a photo session would be the perfect way for us to know first hand about what it's like to work with Lisa.

We started out in the public gardens, and we were sitting in the grass, leaning on trees, and anything else that Lisa suggested because right from the beginning, we totally trusted her. After she took a few shots where she was actually lying on the ground, she showed us some of the photos on her camera, and there we were, with the sunshine beaming on us through the trees. I exclaimed "it's a Lisa Rigby photo!"

After that, we went over to Commonwealth Avenue and to get more of the "city" backdrop. Lisa really made us feel so comfortable, and she also encouraged us to try different poses and let us know what looked good and what looked natural for the camera. Not only did we have a blast during our photo session with her, but she actually sent us a preview of photos that very same night, and had a full gallery for us to see within one week. Talk about a short turnaround time! Here are some shots from our photo session:

Lisa is an incredible wedding photographer, and I highly recommend her. She's hip, friendly, easy to talk to, and priced reasonably for the amazing work that she produces. The only thing is that I know she's booking up quickly for 2010 already, so if you think Lisa might be exactly what you're looking for, contact her as soon as you can!



Anonymous said...

Isn't Lisa great?? Glad I was instrumental in connecting you guys! :)


Anonymous said...

Lisa is photographing our wedding in Ireland!!

I couldn't be more excited :)

Jen Ing Photography said...

wow love the images! beautiful light. also great to discover another Boston area photographer. lisa's work is inspiring!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great! Beautiful photos-

LC said...

I became a fan of Lisa after seeing the pictures too!