Tuesday, August 25, 2009

J.Crew Wedding Collection at the Atrium Mall

Here's some exciting news for Boston area brides. The J.Crew in the Atrium Mall now has the Weddings and Parties Collection so you can try on their gorgeous gowns in person! Many of their bridal gowns are simple and elegant, and their classic styles of bridesmaids dresses come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics.

If you'd like to stop by, make a complimentary appointment with Joan, their in-store wedding specialist. She can help you find your gown and dress your bridal party. Set up your appointment by calling Joan at 617-332-0122. The Atrium Mall is located at 300 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill, MA.

photos from J.Crew

There are even some beautiful dresses on sale that are as low as $49.99! Good luck with your dress search, and we'd love to hear back from you about your experience there!



eliaday said...

I've been already, and my experience there was great! I don't think they have every single gown style, but they had a lot, and I was excited to be able to try things on. It was good to be able to see color combinations and touch the fabrics. =)

They are already pretty busy with appointments, especially if you're looking for something after work or on the weekends.

But it's totally worth it... I'm about 99% sure that this is where I'll be getting my dress!

Pink Orchid Weddings said...

That's great, Delia! I'm happy that you were able to find some gowns that you liked!! ~Emilie

Meredith said...

Thanks for the update, Emilie! Your blog is such a good resource!

lisa said...

Unfortunately I never got the opportunity to look for bridal dresses at this JCREW. When I called for an appointment they were booked on weekends for months. The few appointments they had available during the week were in the middle of the day and I work. When asked if I could come in and browse I was told that I couldnt, only if it was bridesmade dresses. I was really hoping to get in here since I am doing a destination wedding and this line of dresses seems suitable. When asked about the waiting list,one employee did tell me that unfortnately people just"no show" so they are unaware if openings will come up. It just seemed disorganized. Overall, I felt that the system of only looking by appointment and waiting for months was a little too snooty for me. Oh well a sale was lost. I spend $1800 on a dress elsewhere and I chose not to take my bridal party there since I couldnt get in there myself. I hope JCREW considers being a little more flexible for future brides.