Monday, May 11, 2009

Beautiful place cards: Origami cranes

One of my most recent projects was to create place cards out of origami cranes. These place cards were set at each table to designate specific guest seating, and to let servers know which meal to give to each guest.
  • Pink crane = Salmon.
  • Green crane = Chicken.
  • Blue crane= Vegetarian.
  • Orange crane = Kid's Meal.
Many people forget that they have to have some way to let the servers know of the meal choices before they get their place cards created or ordered, so in the end, a little colored sticker dot might be added to the place card. Most of the time though, that sticker dot looks out of place, or just doesn't really flow with the original design of the place card.

Because of this, I thought that these colorful cranes were great because they added some pops of color to the table, and they also signified meal choices without the sticker dot! They were made out of Japanese origami paper, and had gorgeous designs in each color. Then, each guest name was personalized to a name tag made out of white pearlescent metallic cardstock, and attached to each crane.

Aren't these the cutest things ever? The bonus with the last photo, is that the crane keeps its shape well and can fly around the room if you hold it by the tag =)

If you would like to have place cards like these for your next event, just email me at


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Cathy said...

I absolutely love this idea - think it's quite clever and classy at the same time!!