Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A valentine's day card w/ a fishbone...

This past valentine's day, I had a fun opportunity to create a personalized card for my friend, Sam. She asked to see if I could create a card similar to the "love turtles" that I blogged about back in December, but instead of turtles, a cute pair of kittens! (Sam and her fiancé own an adorable persian kitty) So, I designed some cute rounded belly kittens, along with a fishbone at Sam's request.

I finished off the card with some hand glittered elements, and also lettered her fiancé's name onto the envelope in white ink. It was simply packaged with some tissue paper in a textured box, wrapped with some twine.

Hope everyone had a great valentine's day! If you have an idea for a personalized card, email me at info@pinkorchiddesigns.com.



Samantha Shih said...

Thanks ladies! Austin was super impressed with the card. And, I loved the box it came in. Nice touch.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful packaging! I love it!