Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Michael & Tricia Films: Donnaree and Chris's Wedding Trailer

Earlier today, I received a link to the wedding trailer for Donnaree and Chris's May 1st wedding at The Villa from Michael & Tricia Films. I absolutely LOVE it, and this is only the trailer (a highlights video is coming later)! I couldn't wait to share it with you, and even from only a 1 minute and 22 second video, I think you'll see how amazing Michael and Tricia are at what they do. They were also so nice to work with on the wedding day!!

Christopher + Donnaree's Wedding Trailer from Michael and Tricia Films on Vimeo.

Donnaree's vows are just perfect and so heartfelt =) If you're getting married and have just said to yourself, "I need a videographer", you should definitely contact Michael and Tricia on their contact form or by emailing info@michaelandtriciafilms.com.

Michael - thanks so much for sharing this video!! I'm looking forward to our upcoming weddings together!


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