Monday, March 14, 2011

Night at the Museum Birthday Invitations

This past January, I was contacted by Alice to create another set of birthday invitations for her daughter, Emma. Last year, I created these carnival invitations for her, and this year there was a brand new theme: Night at the Museum. The party was held at the Miami Science Museum (how cool is that??) and Alice gave me a few suggestions for elements to include such as planets, dinosaurs, and a scavenger hunt. It took me a while to play around with how to fit all of these together, and I really love the end result.

I wanted it to seem like you were on another planet, with the Earth in the background behind the sand dunes, hand drawn telescope, menacing T-Rex, and dinosaur prints in the sand. The stars make it seem like it's night time, even though the invitation is white, and that makes it easy to read the invitation details and the poem for Emma's big day. I also created matching thank you cards, which Emma will write out herself after her big party.

If you are interested in these invitations or another custom design, please contact me at!


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