Monday, February 14, 2011

On Vacation from February 15-22

Happy Valentine's Day!! Just a quick announcement to anyone who may try to reach me this upcoming week. I'll be heading out of the country on vacation for a week from February 15-22, with extremely limited email access. I will respond to all inquiries when I return, and in addition, I'll hopefully be able to post some photos of my adventure like this:

Photo from Pictures Depot

Can anyone guess where I'm going?? =) I'm really excited to take a nice vacation before things get busy in the 2011 wedding season!



Moni said...

This is going to be a loOong shot but is it the Galapagos Islands? For some reason that is what the picture of giant tortoise reminds me of...anyways have fun! It is a well deserved break!

Pink Orchid Weddings said...

Thanks, Moni - and you're right! =) It's the Galapagos Islands.

Juliet Douglas said...

Have fun!! You deserve it!