Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brand new gallery on the website!

Over the last few years, this blog has definitely been the source of updated content and photos for our readers and clients. Our website has been more of a static information source for things like listing out what we include in our day-of coordination package, and our contact form for new inquiries. The website has stayed pretty much exactly the same since 2008, but we still love the general look and feel, and the simplicity of the HTML based site.

What we did want to do though is update the gallery section with a more updated portfolio of some of the weddings that we've done over the years, and we really love how it turned out!

The gallery shows gorgeous photo collages from 15 different weddings, and you can easily navigate between gallery pages through the arrows at the bottom of the page. Here is a little peek into the new gallery!

& some photo collage highlights!

Photos from

It was definitely fun to rebuild the gallery section and create all of the photo collages. CSS style sheets and HTML code have both been used a lot this past week =) Let us know what you think (you may need to refresh your page if you've visited the site before)!


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