Monday, November 15, 2010

ASPIRE 2010 Conference Thank You Cards

I was recently asked to create thank you cards by the chair of the ASPIRE 2010 Asian American Women in Leadership Conference. This conference was held on Saturday, October 16th, at Boston University's Photonics Center and featured keynote speakers, panels, workshops, and interactive discussions. I attended the conference and acted as a moderator for a panel called "The Road Less Taken" which featured an actor, a dancer, a food blogger and community manager at Urban Spoon, and a singer, all of whom are talented and driven Asian American women. Attendees ranged from high school students to working professionals, and the discussion we had was based around how all of the panelists decided to pursue their dreams, and what advice they could give to others who want to follow a non-traditional career path.

I created 26 thank you cards for keynote speakers and panelists, and seven for panel moderators. These were made out of pearlescent white cardstock and mounted onto beet colored cardstock. Matching beet envelopes were paired with the cards, with recipient names written on the front of the envelope in white ink. I also made 11 thank you cards for the conference team, adding an extra flower detail on the front of the envelope in various colors.

ASPIRE is a wonderful Boston-based non-profit organization dedicated to developing career and leadership skills for Asian American girls and women. I volunteered for the organization starting in 2003, and had to take step back after founding Pink Orchid Weddings in 2008, but I always try to help out every now and then with thank you cards or whatever else I can because it's such a meaningful organization that definitely has helped Asian American women find and grow their leadership potential.



Hyosun Lee said...

They were FABULOUS! Thank you so much for such a great job Emilie! <3

Susan said...

the cards were BEAUTIFUL! What you didn't see is how Jane and I scurried away with the cards and snuck a peak before giving them away to the speakers! Thanks for all your help Emilie! =)

cecilia said...

Thank you Emilie!! I'm keeping my card in my treasure box!