Monday, September 21, 2009

A Mario's Castle Wedding Card

This past weekend, my brother-in-law, Paul, got married to Che Lai at a gorgeous country club in Connecticut. When it came to creating a wedding card, I knew that it had to be something special. Paul loves to play video games in his free time. Not only will he play them, but he is also a collector of limited edition guides, games, controllers, and anything else that you can get in a limited edition. That means that he would actually buy the limited edition, and then NOT open it, and tuck it away in a bin to keep it in pristine condition. I think that truly demonstrates how serious he is about video games!

So, for the wedding card, I decided to pay tribute to the most classic video game there is: Super Mario Brothers. The idea behind it is that Paul is about to finish the game, and he jumped onto the flag pole and rode the flag down to the bottom of the pole, then met his princess, Che Lai, in the castle. I designed all of the elements of the card, with cute touches like the flag on top of the castle with the groom's last name initial. Personalized the card with their names under a hand-drawn bride and groom. I also hand-glittered the heart, the cloud, and the flag for some added texture and shimmer. Instead of having text like "Congratulations to the newlyweds," I wanted it to relate more to the video game theme, so I included "they lived happily ever after" along with their wedding date.

I was really happy with the way this card turned out, and they loved the card! If you have an idea for a custom card for your friend's wedding, birthday, or special event, let me know by emailing me at!


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christina lee said...

this is soo creative!! i love it! i love the computer like fonts of the old gaming systems! :)