Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Flower in My Hair

I was pretty certain that I wanted an updo for my wedding because of the halter-style of my dress – I didn’t want to hide the neckline. Once I decided on that, I was pretty sure I wanted something to go along with my updo. Now, by the time I thought about my hair, I had already received gifts of earrings and a bracelet from my mom, which were both pearl-based. So, I wanted a hair accessory that would match it, meaning no crystal, diamonds (yeah, I wished), or any sparkly gems of that nature. Another thought that popped into my mind was a fresh flower in my hair. That would be so refreshing, plus I wouldn’t have to worry about whether it matched my other jewelry. Alas, my hair stylist shot down that idea quickly when I told her, saying that flowers wilt too quickly, and I had a relatively long wedding day compared to most brides.

I browsed through the internet and saw many ideas, flowers made of silk, crystal, plastic, and silver:

The one I really liked (top left) was expensive, priced at well over $100. Luckily, before I decided on anything, my parents announced they were going to Hong Kong to buy Chinese traditional wedding items. I took the opportunity and asked them to be on the lookout for anything “flowery” and “pearly” for my hair, showed them a few pictures, and anxiously awaited their return.

One month later, I got a BEAUTIFUL surprise when my parents came back home. My mom handed me a wrapped box and inside it, laying on tissue paper, was a hair comb that was absolutely perfect. It embodied everything that I wanted AND it was a gift from my uncle, who had one of his students (who is apparently into arts and crafts) hand make it for me from glass.

I was so touched and elated that this stranger would do this for me! And here is the result:

Bottom pic courtesy of Sun Photographics

On my wedding day, I was so happy to finally take the comb out of the box! It not only went well with my wedding dress, but it also matched the qi pao (traditional chinese dress) I changed into during the reception. Oh the qi pao - that will be another post for another time!


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