Friday, July 18, 2008

a little thing called placecards

Pink Orchid Weddings specializes in Day of Coordination, but this of course doesn't mean that we just flawlessly execute someone else's plans, we also love creating our own details!

As many of you know, I recently got married in June 2008, and I thought... what better way to start my first blog posting than to highlight one of my many many wedding projects! It's a little thing called placecards. I knew I wanted to have pearl white cardstock mounted on crimson red cardstock, forming a little tent card.

Then the fun stuff first started with the issue of: How can I work on these without knowing the table assignments yet? The table number must be separate for me to get a head start. Will it be a sticker on the inside of the card? Will it be handwritten on the inside of the card? Ohh yes, I've got it. Let's hand-write the table number in white ink on 3/8" strips of hand-cut bronze cardstock, hole punch the table number and attach it to the placecard with fuschia embroidery floss! Next question, how is it actually going to be attached? Will I just hole punch the crimson red cardstock and thread it through? Nope.. The credit goes to my husband for this answer: one night he says "Emilie, why don't you put branches on the placecards?" yes, why not??

That weekend, we drove back to my in-law's house to cut twigs and small branches from the trees on their property. We debated on going to Boston Commons to try to find twigs, but thought that might be a bad idea. So back to the placecards.. six holes were punched into the placecard to tie the branch down to the top of each placecard with fuchia embroidery floss in a criss-cross pattern. Then once we finalized the table assignments, the table tag was then tied onto the branch. Project complete! Below are some detailed pictures of the placecards (click to enlarge).

I really love how these turned out! If you're interested in projects like this for your own wedding, feel free to email us at


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